• Face and Body Gel Trio

Face and Body Gel Trio

A collection of some of our most-loved products sure to delight any recipient.

The Super Warming Balm has been crafted with ginger, orange, pine, marjoram and thyme essential oils for their affinity to the joints, muscles and circulation. You'll love the soothing and restorative aloe vera and calendula gel, whether you apply it after playing sport or decide to use it every day.

The Hydrating Face Gel is an intensively soothing and moisturising aloe vera gel which has been exquisitely fragranced with a blend of essential oils including petigrain, ylang ylang, patchouli and vanilla, alongside botanical extracts, to help counteract the effects of ageing, improve the appearance of your fine lines whilst brightening and protecting your skin.

The Revitalising Face Gel is a calming, rejuvenating gel with witch hazel and blended essential oils of geranium, grapefruit and palmarosa to help soothe and clear your skin. It can help brighten up your complexion, making your skin look more radiant and healthy.

These gels, like all of our products are paraben and SLS free.

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